Keren is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She ensures that you feel completely relaxed immediately and works with you at a pace where you feel comfortable. I am personally seeking treatment for neck/shoulder/back pain as well as migraines. I have had 4 treatments so far and was completely amazed that after just one treatment my symptoms had 85% disappeared the next day, compared to several months of physical therapy prior to the acupuncture treatment with only slight improvement.  I highly recommend Keren.

-Tania Srinivasan


I am a chronic back pain sufferer resulting from a car accident and spinal fusion nearly 40 years ago.  There is not a morning that I do not wake up in pain. I have tried nearly everything and have long considered trying acupuncture. One month ago, I decided to give it a try when I heard about Keren Bar-Nir. I have had four treatments and am now a true believer. With each treatment the pain and tightness in my neck, shoulders and back that I thought would never go away has started to release. I am only sorry that I did not start treatments 20 years ago...

-Donald Kent


Before I met Keren I had experienced many different types of treatments to give me relief for prolonged aches and pains in my neck shoulders back and arms. Over the years I had tried massage, osteopathy and many types of painkillers. 

Since meeting Keren and having had a number of treatments of acupuncture and other techniques that she uses I have had great relief. She has a natural empathy and gift to access the points where the response from my body has been enormous. She undoubtedly has a calling to treat successfully those of us who wish to experience this ancient medicine. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of natural and instant relief of pain.

-Deborah Hickman


Keren takes acupuncture to the next level. She takes the time to listen to what's going on in your mind and body and then wholeheartedly sends positive energy through your body throughout the treatment. Having been treated by Keren on numerous occasions I feel comfortable saying she not only has the knowledge of how to perform acupuncture but also has a gift of healing merely from her goodness inside and out. It's a moving experience to be treated by Keren and feel lucky to have the opportunity to be a client.

-Jennifer Van Maenen Maerz


I feel as though I have been touched by an angel.

-Marilyn C. Agin, MD, FAAP


As an active person who enjoys running and working out, I was no stranger to sports injuries and tight muscles, which debilitates me for periods of time. However, since I started treatment with Keren, my body seems much more durable. The soreness and stiffness of tight muscles that kept me from running seems to disappear with a prick of a needle. I am very grateful that I found Keren, and highly recommend her.

-Sam Cohen


Keren is an acupuncture maven!

My stress and anxiety immediately dissolved upon entering Keren's tranquil, quiet sanctuary treatment room.

The session was extremely personalized and began with an informal, yet therapeutic, conversation about my lifestyle, concerns and goals for treatment. She gave me thoughtful and informed guidance in finding my emotional balance and suggestions for modulating my daily anxiety with simple breathing techniques and was extremely attuned to and cognizant of my needs. She was thorough and communicative throughout the entire treatment session, as she explained which anatomical and physiological regions she would be engaging during my treatment, and her technique as she proceeded step by step. She repeatedly reminded me to communicate to her any discomfort I experienced (I had none, especially with the piles of soft blankets wrapped snug around me and the heavenly heat lamp she placed next to my toes).

Keren was extremely adept at locating all of my acupuncture points, especially my tender myofascial trigger points, and ever so gently inserting the needles. I felt no pain whatsoever-only near immediate relief and comfort. Keren is a gifted and skilled acupuncturist who has tremendous empathy for her clients in addition to an interest in their healing."

-Gabby A. Liebes